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q:when and how did another mistake start?

a:i think they started writing in late june of 2010 but they had another vocalist in mind at the time.
i joined early july and we played our first show at the end of the month and recorded our demo the following week.

q:is touring with another mistake any different then when you toured with rattletooth?

a:very different, i have alot more to do with this where as rattletooth was nate's baby and i just sorta stayed out of his way.
its nice to have more control but at the same time it was nice to be along for the ride too haha

q:lies for lust seems to be a pretty personal song, care to explain the topic behind it?

a:its about a lot of things, its basically about how easy it is to cling to people when you are afraid of being alone,  but that is no foundation to build a lasting relationship on. people will stick by someone who cheats and lies to them for fear of being alone and that's bullshit.
you should have more in common with your significant other than sharing a bed and a roof. what's it worth if you can't even talk to each other.

q:you recently announced a 3 way split with 2 other midwest bands (out of time and focusedxminds), what can listeners expect from that?

a:i imagine the focused minds songs will be sick, i'm way excited for more out of time songs. to be honest i'm more excited to hear their part than ours haha. i already have a rough idea of what our side will be about and keith said we might get a cease and desist from indecision records for ripping off count me out too hard but i couldn't be happier with that idea.

q:plans for the future for another mistake?

a:we will be going on a winter tour with steppin stone from iowa that should rule. east coast and midwest dates. after that i wanna tour with our hometown homies in damaged goods and written off at some point before spring but we'll have a better idea in the new year. i'm keepin my fingers crossed this band makes it another year.

random questions:
q:if you were to pick one band to listen to for the rest of your life who would it be?

a:god that's rough, umm i don't know probably the temptations or bob dylan. that shit never gets old

q:cats or dogs?

a:oh dogs in a fucking heartbeat, i love cats too though we just got 2 kittens and i love them so much

q:what did you want to be when you were a kid?

a:damn, i know i wanted to be a movie director like stephen spielberg. i fucking loved jurrasic park as a kid and i thought makin' movies would be cool as shit. i used to make crazy faces at myself in the mirror cause my mom told me she read that's what jim carrey did as a kid haha.

q:guilty pleasure band/group?

a:i don't consider anything really a guilty pleasure, i love everclear alot. my first concert as a teen was everclear and american hi-fi. but i guess a true guilty pleasure is maybe katy perry or soulja boy. i do know all the words to 2 ready set songs though. oh and i love hazen street hahaha

q:shout outs?
a:support like glue records and iron mind crew records, 6131 records, written off, damaged goods, dead end path, damages, beware, kicked in, agitator, razorxfade, no class, steppin' stone, picked clean, big mouth, out of time, bent life, sorry excuse, enough, will to die, expire, fingers crossed, xerxes, black ice, harsh reality, backtrack, take offense, downpresser, strange ways, united youth, nothing, thought crusade, black and blue, out crowd, bad, better times, and thanks for askin me to do this chris.

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